Third Party Liability

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Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability Insurance provides Third Parties with protection against damage, bodily injury or property damage caused by accident by the insured.




TPL Family

Victoire Third Party Liability for families covers the liability of the insured against any accidental damage caused to others from the insured’s or the insured’s direct family.

TPL Parking

Third Party Parking Liability covers the liability of the parking owner against any damage to a vehicle inside the parking lot caused by an accident.

TPL Restaurant

Victoire Third Party Liability for restaurants covers the owner of the restaurant against:

  1. Food Poisoning.
  2. Employee Malpractice.
  3. Others.

TPL General

Victoire General Third Party Liability policy covers the insured against any accidental damages caused to others 

TP Schooling Liability

Schooling Liability provides insurance cover against any Accidental Bodily Injury sustained by teachers and students during school hours.

TP Elevator (Lift) Liability

Elevator (Lift) Liability covers Accidental Bodily Injury caused to visitors, co-owners and residents inside the elevator.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is a Medical Insurance Product coverage to protect doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, surgeons, and other medical practitioners against great financial loss as a result of a medical liability lawsuit, or claim of medical malpractice or negligence brought forth by a patient

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