Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a policy that covers the loss of income that would result if the insured passed away.

Mainly the insured is free to choose any beneficiary to receive all the proceeds in case of his death.

Victoire Life Insurance consists of: 



Expansion Plan

  • Expansion Family Plan:
  1. Victoire Expansion family plan cover the family financial income in case of sickness and/or accident causing death and/or disability, plus it can builds an investment fund for the future.
    1. A long term investment that can be retrieved at any age.
  • Expansion Retirement Plan:

   2. This plan is designed to build a higher investment fund for the future and still cover a lower amount for death and/or disability in case of sickness or accident.


  • Protégé Saving For Children:
  1. Victoire protégé saving plan for children is an investment fund for the future of your child but still can give your child a life policy once he reaches his teenage years.
  • Protégé Educational Plan:

  2. Victoire educational plan is the most comprehensive plan in the market that covers death, disablement, schooling, waiver of premium and a quaranteed educational amount by the end of the policy term.


  • Equilibrium Term Life:
  1. It is the basic of life policies to protect the financial income in case of any sickness or accident that might causes death and/or disability.
  • Equilibrium 5 Years Renewal:

  2. It is an Equilibrium term life policy that is calculated on a 5 years ascending basis in order to ease your payments.

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