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Medical insurance is an insurance against the risk of enduring medical expenses among individuals. .

Victoire Medical Insurance consists of:




Victoire Perpetual insurance is the COMPLETE MEDICAL PACKAGE in LEBANON that offers a wide selection of benefits and services as:

  • Unlimited Financial Limitation.
  • Full Hospital Network.
  • Guaranteed Renewability (GR).
  • Access to worldwide network.
  • International Assistance.
  • In Hospital Benefits:
    1. All medical and surgical treatment.
    2. Emergency treatment.
    3. Pre-operative tests.
    4. Physiotherapy treatment.
    5. Home care following hospitalization.
    6. Parental accommodation.
    7. Hospital Daily Indemnity.
    8. Morgue and Burial Expenses.
  • Maternity and Congenital Cases:
    1. Delivery (Normal and caesarian).
    2. Coverage of new born baby.
    3. Baby Incubator.
    4. Pediatric Consultation.
    5. Epidural.
    6. Congenital cases.
    7. Other test.
  • Prosthesis.
  • Organ Transfer and Transplantation.
  • Cancer:
    1. Radiotherapy.
    2. Chemotherapy.
    3. Surgery.
    4. Breast Re-construction.
  • Heart Procedures:
    1. Angioplasty.
    2. Open Heart.
  • Kidney Diseases.
  • Infertility and Birth Control.
  • Sleep Disorder and other benefits.
  • Ambulatory:
    1. Out Hospital.
    2. Prescription Medicine.
    3. Doctor Visits.


  • Is a LEBANESE Mutual medical fund plan sponsored by Victoire, it covers the cost of any medical or surgical expenses, + all the out of hospital riders with less premiums and more advantages.


  • Are you living in Lebanon?
  • Obtain Your GR from Victoire and insure your insurance.


  • You might think of getting back to your  homeland one day for several reasons:
    1. Retirement
    2. Unemployment Abroad
    3. Illness or Disability
  • Now you can insure your insurance and obtain a medical guaranty today to obtain a medical insurance later.


  • Victoire’s Hospital Daily Indemnity insurance is a policy that makes cash payments directly to the policyholder when admitted to an approved facility for a covered medical condition.
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