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Motor insurance provides coverage against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions, and against liability that could also arise from the incident.

There are several types of coverages that include ALL Risk insurance, aimed at the Insured him/herself for protection from any accident occurring, there is also Third party material and bodily injury insurance is mandatory by the Lebanese Law for anyone who owns a Vehicle.



All Risk

Motor All Risk insurance is a comprehensive coverage that protects the insured’s vehicle in the event of an accident. This cover includes

  1. Material damages to vehicles and /or properties of others.
  2. Material damage reparation cost to insured’s own vehicle.
  3. Total/Partial Fire to insured’s own vehicle.
  4. Total /Partial Theft to insured’s own vehicle.
  5. Hold-Up of insured’s own vehicle.
  6. Total Loss of insured’s own vehicle.

Motor All Risk insurance provides you with the following additional benefits:

1.      Towing

2.      Replacement car up to 30 days

Different levels of rates depending on the Vehicle model & year.

Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability Material Damage insurance is Obligatory by the Lebanese Traffic Law and covers vehicles and property damage caused by the insured as a result of an accident to any Third Party.

Bodily Injury Liability

Third Party Bodily Injury insurance is Obligatory by the Lebanese Traffic Law and covers the insured’s liability in the event of an accident or fire from insured’s vehicle causing Bodily Injury to Third parties.

Political Violence

Motor Political Violence Insurance covers the insured’s vehicle damage due to political violence which include:

  1. SRCC Strikes Riots and Civil Commotion.
  2. Sabotage excluding Vandalism.
  3. Malicious damage.
  4. Insurrection, revolution or rebellion.
  5. Mutiny and or coup d’etat.

War and civil war.

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