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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance cover that provides protection against risks or losses from unexpected events that might occur while travelling, such as medical emergencies while travelling and loss of luggage.



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“Safer” Travel Insurance that covers travelling outside the country, as travelers may suffer a series of incidents such as flight cancellation, as well as coverage for emergency medical expenses, personal accident among other conditions, according to the terms and conditions in the insurance policy.

This Plan covers you worldwide including travelling to USA, Canada & Japan and has categories: 300,000$ | 65,000$


Covers the expenses of Medical Emergencies (as a result of Accident or illness) that might arise during your travels abroad. It includes:

  • Emergency Medical Benefits covering Medical expenses & hospitalization abroad depending on Policy limit; and other benefits
  • Travel Benefits covering Loss of luggage; Luggage delay; Flight delay; Flight cancellation; and Loss of passport, driving license, Identity card.

This Policy has a Financial limit of $65,000/ $300,000; with no deductibles.

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Safer Sports

Safer Sports is a specialized additional Safer insurance cover abroad, that insures individuals who are winter and extreme sports lovers.

Ya Hala Care

Ya Hala Insurance is an Inbound Travel Insurance Product aimed at All Individuals travelling TO Lebanon, except for individuals travelling from Palestine/Israel and except for individuals whose permanent residence is Lebanon.

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